Friday, April 29, 2011

As if it was even a new story...

Today ... the MSM has discovered that in 1996 Jack Laytoon was busted in a tug-n-rub in the Dundas West area of Toranna.....

For crying out loud! This is not news.

As if playing up the fact that Jack was found getting jerked after all these years of providing the puffed up little cock rooster with a platform and megaphone just never happened ... our intrepid moral and intellectual betters suddenly find the time to recall this little bit of smarmy splooge!

City councilor Jack Layton ... just consulting with his constituents .....

How is it that this is news to them now??

Simple ... the MSM just chose to puch it down the memory hole.... until their beloved LIberal masters started to take it up the blow hole from the dipper dirt bag.

Sleazy little Jack .... has much worse character flaws than this ... but did the MSM dopes ever actually call him on his views?

And why is it that I already knew this .... going back over five years ago ....?
Jack Layton is a clown .... always was and always will be ..... so why has the MSM never cared before now?

The Mainstream Media are Idiots .... who would rather spend all their energy denigrating conservatives than reporting factually on sleaze monkey progressives ... until those poo flingers get in the way of the Liberals that is.


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