Tuesday, May 03, 2011

2 Minutes of Concession With Dignity

Followed by 8 minutes of pompous condescending lecture ..... "I'll be around to rebuild..." says the would be prince of Liberaldom...... pretender to the throne ... defeated and disgraced... putting on the brave face for the partisans.

That was yesterday ... today ..... "I'm going back to teaching .... if I get a good offer...."

F@ck you Iggy .... May the door hit you in the ass on the way out and dogs rip your flesh as you run.

Today ... Dan Donovan ... Liberal shill and publisher of Ottawa Life ragazine .... "Ignatieff not to blame for Librano losses ... Party Bosses brought this on...."(I paraphrase) ....... not quite admitting that the effete blowhard was nothing but a figurehead all along.

Finally someone from the Liberal fan club admits the cess pool political back room is the cause of the degenerate behaviour of theLPC!

Also calls Bob Rae a carpetbagger ..... too bad he never had the guts to come out and say those things years ago.....

Funny how these dyed in the wool red lovers can't get it through their heads that this rot goes right back to PET ..... some might say Pearson ...... who laid the groundwork for the ascension of the commie SOB.

When will these dopes get it through their heads that they are the ones who've been abetting the decline of our nation by supporting the corrupt LPC and enabling 50 years of socialist policies? Policies that were designed to do nothing less than erode our personal liberties and create feeble and dependent generations of Canadians .... sheep ..... ready for fleecing.

For now ... thankfully .. it does not matter ... we can sit back and watch the media shills eat their own flesh .. for a while.


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