Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Been a While ...

... Since I've seen an article in a mainstream rag that spoke the truth about the mainstream media.

Chris Selley at the
National Post seems to have discovered that there actually is a problem in the media-sphere.

This piece notes some of the collapse that is occurring amongst various lefty-lib-lovers in the media as they feebly thrash about looking for reasons as to why they have fallen so low.... how all their efforts seem to be for naught. But ... of course ... too early for the shitwits to grasp the fact that the very reason for their own failure is that the fraudulent nature of their own games is recognized by ever increasing numbers in the public audience. Where once it was sufficient that they count their successes by thedepth and endurance of any disruption they might cause in the public sphere ... they are now faced with being forced to self examine. I relish their pain.

So ... how is it that even MSM insiders are starting to sound like they have discovered some previously unknown truth?

Well ... just chalk it up to facing the inevitable. With the long overdue collapse of the LPC there isn't much for the hardcore lib lovers to cheer about and the fairweather bandwagon riders, drum thumpers and trumpet tooters can easily slide off the left turn track just so they have something to write about. Never mind that bloggers have been showing up the MSMers for years over the ingrained bias of those self important fart sniffers and their incessant efforts to manufacture controversy in hopes of undermining any non-liberal politician.

For my part ... not being limited by an attention span that lasts about as long as rock of crack in a Toronto after hours club ... I won't be forgetting exactly how and for how long these cretins have had their way.

The MSM has been digging their own grave for decades in many ways .... the latest blow for the Canadian clique of these charlatans is the demise of their political cronies. The next step will be the feeding frenzy as they eat their own ... closely followed by hyperbolic descent into hysteria and delusion. Perhaps a few will manage to pull their heads out of their own asses long enough to remember what fresh air and sunshine is all about.... but the rest are going down in an inglorious spiral of self immolation.

I'll be here to chronicle and cheer that ....

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