Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Night .... Man In the Kitchen

One pound of pickerel fillets .... sliced evenly and laid out in a flat dish. Covered with the juice of 4 limes, 2 lemons and a dash or two of tobasco sauce. (Pickerel Sushimi)
Let that sit in the fridge while you prepare some vegies.... One red bell pepper ... one green (cut up fine) medium white onion (vedalia cut thin slices and then chopped)...two beafsteak tomatos (just the outside meat and skin) large garden cucumber (skinned and with the center seed mush removed, cut up into 3 in chunks then sliced thin).... drain a can of corn niblets. Put each prepared vegetable on a layer of towel to dry.
Water is your enemy in this dish............

Go cut the grass .... work on the Jeep .... come back in about two hours..... drain the sushimi and lay it out on a paper towel to dry.

Mix the vegetables in a large bowl .... season with fresh ground black pepper .... sprinkle with cayenne and hot chilli ( just a sprinkle here) .... mix in a table spoon of coriander seed ... add the sushimi and sprinkle with red pepper sauce.

Serve on a bed of lettuce or on soft tacos ..... makes a great wrap.... add any other seasonings or side sauces that you like .... goes good with any Mexican or Spicey Oriental sides.

OMMAG's Summer Ceviche ... Manitoba style

For a few tasty Friday barbs try Bob Parks ... Black and Right

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