Thursday, June 02, 2011

How Did Our Universities and Colleges Come to This?

It seems that almost every day you hear about some liberal/progressive group behaving like complete jackasses. It happens a lot at colleges and universities.... like this !

For the most part it seems to be the students ie, the immature by right and reason of ... immaturity. More often ... it is the Profs and on occasion the administrations that are getting attention for the self indulgent and all too often wrong headed behaviour.

My observations:

It started with the dumbing down of teachers in the public system.
The requirements for high school teachers before the 1970s were fairly tough ... had to have an education diploma + at least a B(x)... university level math, english, science etc.
The only exceptions in my HS seemed to be shop teachers and the arts crowd. One of my science and tech teachers was a Peng... and a very good teacher as well as role model.

By the time my HS class had progressed to university grad level the campuses were having a tough time finding students with the grades and the proper credits to qualify for entrance.

The reason? Many of those HS teachers with real credentials went to work in the real world getting jobs that paid a lot more than the teacher salaries they were living on. At the same time the demands for new blood in the teaching talent pool were forcing administrators to accept less less qualified teachers... compounded by the fact that well educated university grads had plenty of opportunity to go into the real world instead of teaching.
Brain drain ... with the added complication in the form of meddling social experimenters who were in the early stages of f@cking up the school system through the introduction of "options" that allowed adolescents to elect whatever courses they wanted to ... which resulted in still fewer secondary school grads with any useful education.

A perfect storm that resulted in post secondary institutions being forced to lower their standards just so they could keep admissions up.

The next trend was the explosion of arts and liberal arts plus pseudo-sciences (humanities)in the universities and the downwards spiral of intelligence within faculties and student bodies.

Today ... the only serious students (a minority) are left struggling to get any value at all out of this sausage factory education system. I doubt if there is much of a chance for improvement.

The only way a serious young person should even consider university these days is if they are seeking Profession ... as in Medicine or Applied Science. Other than that ... go straight into job training.

As for those suckers who find themselves stuck with the losers that populate what remains of these institutions ... get out and save yourselves from a future of frustration and irrelevance.


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