Monday, July 04, 2011

Global Warming to Kill Wine Industry?

According to warmist researchers at Stanford .... and of course repeated uncritically in the LA Times.....

Warmer Temperatures threat to Northern California Wine.... .

I predict more wine production as long as there is a market for wine. Hotter .... cooler ..... no matter.

Ice wine anyone?


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Blogger KurtP said...

If I remember right- during the medieval warming they had grapes growing in Scotland.

...And Greenland was really green.

7/04/2011 8:16 p.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

Heheh... well apparently the Danes were pretty good at farming and really liked beer and wine.

7/04/2011 9:15 p.m.  
Blogger KurtP said...

So...putting the growing stuff into the bigger parts of the continents is bad...exactly how?

You know - I've never understood how more farmland is bad.
..but then again I'm not a Gore-Bot

7/04/2011 9:39 p.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

Its a great racket ... they never have to be right ... but they keep gettin research grants.

If only that worked in my job.

7/04/2011 9:51 p.m.  
Blogger Gino said...

quick, buy up some land in northern territories. we'll plant vineyards to rival california and france.

7/05/2011 8:19 p.m.  

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