Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Citizen Atwood

The Canadian author is taking Councillor Doug Ford to task for comments he made last week about libraries and Atwood's role in stirring up support to keep them from the city's budget chopping block.
Ford was asked last Tuesday about the growing campaign, spurred by Atwood, to urge councillors to spare the Toronto Public Library from cuts.

"The most staggering thing about (Ford's) statement is that it implies that only councillors (not voters, not taxpayers, not citizens) are allowed to voice any opinions," she wrote.

I can help explain where he went wrong............

  Atwood Responds to .....

Well actually Mags ..... you did a little more than just voice an opinion ..... but to be fair .... councilor Ford is a bit of a clod. Even if he's stuck with a thankless task ... he needs to show due respect for citizen opinion. Even citizens that are not residents of his appointed domain.......

I'd be calling him personally if he made public comments like that about something I'd asked him to look into. Truth be told ..... Mags is a big fan of public funding for everything arts related. She was recently beaking off about suggestions that the feds might be cutting the carte blanche given to the National Gallery and the Canadian Council for the arts .... I do believe I read some crap she wrote in the Globe about funding the CBC  as well ....... you get the picture. Mags is your basic spending advocate for more tax spending .... all the time. As far as her literary awards go ... I'm pretty sure she never got one that did not come from some Taxpayer Funded group that awards such people as Mags for being repetitive regurgitators of feminist claptrap and lefty bullshit.

To be clear .... without having a reading audience  of prefabricated lib arts drones indoctrinated in our education system ... who ... by way of such indoctrination ... are willing to accept your own arrogantly dogmatic and ever derogatory point of view about anything not artsy or feminine .... would never sell a book.

Now let's get to the real meat of the issue with you Mags .... the fact that outside of mandatory reading lists on "Womyn's Lit" courses  ... the only people buying your books are the public libraries.

And ... surely .... outside of those Mom / Caregiver plus kids outings to the public book repositories the only people you are likely to see there are the chronically underemployed ... reading magazines and napping. Not exactly the Mags Atwood reading demographic.... eh? Aside from that .... these expensive vending outlets which are staffed by pensioned public employees are pretty much unused and empty of human souls.

So while this overrated Fembot author gets all up in arms over her precious concept of what a "Public Library" is supposed to be  .... the fact remains that taxpayers (not reclusive hags living in the woods without electricity) are footing the bill for a lot of underused real estate, staff and content.

A simple solution? Provide the head count for these libraries and compare it to the intended utilization.... just like teachers do when figuring out out how many kids they feel like teaching.

Sauce for the goose and all that................ My advise to Mr. Ford?

Know your enemy.


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