Sunday, October 23, 2011

As The Long Gun Registry Nears It's Long Overdue Demise....

We are hearing some disturbing news in regard to just what exactly the Conservative government is really planning to do.

We ... unfortunately ... have a government that is far from conservative in thought and deed.
Rather ... the Harper coalition of old school PCs ... politically opportunistic Liberals masquerading as Red Tories  and  Quebec first weasels, has precious few (if any) champions of individual rights who have any sense of respect for the principles of private property, self determination and personal responsibility.

And so ... with the long gun registry coming to an end, we have the prospect of the  Federal Government kowtowing to all of the same ilk that were promoting the egregious over reaching and unwarranted legislation in the first place.

So called "Public Safety Groups" are spouting off and getting usual public platform from the compliant and unquestioning mainstream media. Although the MSM ... as always fails to define just what these groups actually are and who they consist of.  Be assured that feminist hysterics and their fellow travellers in the world of the self righteous and meddlesome finger waging nurse nannyists are lobbying hard to have restrictions increased on the lawful ownership and use of firearms.

Add to that  the same bunch from the National Organisation of Police Chiefs ... who have been at the forefront of demanding greater curbs and more power to intrude on pretty much anything that ordinary citizens do.

And of course the RCMP brass who seem to think it is their right to determine what Canadians may and may not do with their own property.

These groups are using the same false assertions ... the same fear mongering tactics and the same bullying that they used in defending the former Liberals in implementing an unnecessary and fundamentally unjust system of regulation on Canadians. The fact that the implementation was and continues to be a prima facie example of  all the things that are wrong with government regulation that is created to mollify ideological sub groups of our society. The fact that as a whole Canadians never wanted or felt any need for such an institution as the registry and certainly no justification for the associated cost of maintaining the bureaucracy that goes along with it, the fact that there never was a sound justification nor in reality an basis in fact for the claims of long gun registry proponents has not and still doe not keep them from spewing their nonsense.

So what exactly is the government planning to do?

The fact that the Long Gun Registry is being scrapped primarily because of the unjustifiable cost does not mean that our morally meek CINOs will actually scrap the whole thing.

They can get away with pandering to the alarmist anti-gun hysterics in keeping a significant section of the legislation in force along with a trimmed down bureaucracy that taxpayers will still be funding and that will still exist for no reason other than the appeasment of people who care nothing for your rights or freedoms.

Other troubling possibilities are that under pressure from the anti-gun activist lobby ... the government may reclassify many weapons into the restricted or prohibitted categories.

As it stands .... we have the strong possibility that the so called scrapping of the long gun registry is just going to be a re-packaging and that we will be no better off than before in the matter of private property rights and the right to NOT have unwarranted bureaucratic and law enforcement intrusions in our lives and our homes.

Try reading this .... (MSM lefty spin warning in advance)   Public Safety Groups Want ....


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