Saturday, October 01, 2011

Ford in Front ..... of US Congressional Oversight Committee

Previously   .... We talked about the strangely premature disappearance of some ads by Ford.

NOW we learn that ...

The US House Committee on government  oversight  has Ford execs in Washington to explain why they pulled their TV  ads bragging about not taking Obama bailout money.

Ford later reinstated the ads on the web only... after widespread questioning and criticism in the public arena.

Now ... Ford execs say the ads went away just because thats how they run ad campaigns. As if any successful ad was ever pulled just because they don't like to wear it out?

Oh yeah ... and Ford execs say the are in favour of the bailout .... because the auto manufacturing business is just one big happy family that needs to get along to get ahead!

Well, I don't know about you .... but when anyone starts spinning bullshit like that .... I'm inclined to think they are very much trying to hide something. In this case something like calls from the White House.




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