Sunday, March 25, 2012

Air Canada ... Just another reason to let them go to hell............

It seems that a lot of talk is being devoted to Air Canada this week.
Deservedly so ... The Math ... not so hard.
According to the MSM writer being interviewed and the tools at SUN TV :
>Market Cap: $227 Million = $0.227 Billion
> Pension Liabilities: $13 Billion

A reality check by an SDA reader and commenter:
> $1.59 billion in liabilities vs $1.7 billion in assets (with statements from the financial report)
Some people take this as a sign that Air Canada is not in as bad a shape as being claimed. Well ... no it is not as bad a a MSM reporter makes out in his efforts to  create a story. AC is still a piece of crap and deserves to be broken up and sold off just to remove any possibility that taxpayers will be robbed again to bail the worthless company out.

However what I take away from the information provided is that the pathetic efforts of Sun TV news to fact check (non-existent)... and the willingness of people to jump on any bandwagon that comes along just go to show how gullible people can be.

Let's face it Charles Adler has always been a bloviator and bullshit spinner.... no different at SUN TV ... just now a larger soap box to elevate his self esteem. As for the interviewee ... Dan Cook of the Globe&Mail ... since when has this bird cage liner been concerned about facts?


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