Monday, March 19, 2012

Just Another Reason to Detest Air Canada

In my years of work I've had quite a bit to do with the former Crown Corporation and constant parasite .... Air Canada.

What I have seen I have seldom liked and often was left with my head shaking in disbelief. Atrocious customer service... obnoxious and arrogant employees... outright lying to passengers...overpriced fares.. especially on their protected gravy routes where no competitors are ever allowed to play.

The news today included the apparent demise of the spin off company Aveos which provides mechanical overhaul services for the very necessary major aircraft service schedule.
It seems that AC ... with it's ongoing game of chicken played against the various union groups within their fold the company has painted itself into a corner.

They've been failing to abide by the statutes and regulations that require them to maintain the aircraft they operate and they have been screwing the spin off service provider Aveos in order to cut maintenance costs.

Going back to 2009 when the Canadian Government bailed out Air Canada and set up the spin off of Aveos the writing was on the wall. Observers like yours truly were convinced that the politically motivated  financial support was going to be a short term band aid fix for a company that is suffering from terminal cancer. The cancer that Infests AC has metastasized to every part of the corporate body.
This is the natural result of decades of political protection and the ingrained culture of entitlement that runs from the board to the executive offices .... to the air crews to the support staff and to the janitors.
Air Canada has been on some sort of  life support ... at the expense of Canadian Taxpayers since well before the sell-off to private equity and ever since ... just why ... nobody ever seems to have a good answer for.
But every single time this decrepit excuse for a business gets the chills our government Buys Time .... by throwing more money at it.

Do we actually NEED Air Canada?  I think not. Every time the rancid pile gets in trouble someone else ends up paying for it ... we should have resisted the temptation to give in to the whining liberals and howling NDP moonbats and let the thing meet the fate it deserved in the first place.

Too bad those Aveos employees got the shaft ............................


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