Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Kind of Service You Get ......

Is usually the kind of service you deserve.... an update.

Single Mom Working Girl Dania   probably gave better service than the Obama secret service agents deserved .... and probably deserved to be paid what she wanted to be .... but still ....

Are Obama's Secret Service agents the best of the bunch?

Apparently not .... like the whole issue of first procuring and then employing and then cheating a bunch of Colombian whores.

For the agents and the military guys (those unspecified individuals in the reports so far) there are two big problems.

First is that it simply a breach of protocol ... and second that it is a potential breach of security.

Remember that word protocol in military and law enforcement is not the same as the amorphous, warm and fuzzy stuff of diplomatic jargon. Nor is it the CYA stuff of bureaucracy. Protocol for these people is what they are damned well paid to do ... or NOT do... as the case may be.

A  breach of protocol can be grounds for whatever sort of disciplinary action is decided.
In the case of a security breach ... which is fairly evident in the case of bringing low lifes into their midst ... the penalties could be more than just a reaming.

So does Obama deserve better?

I think not .... I think the attitude of the current White House reeks of ignorance, sloth and abusive self importance.

Pimps, thugs and whoring louts ..... just the Chicago way ... just what Obama deserves... the bottom of the barrel.
Whoops .... Cocaine too?
Gettin right in the def prez detail.....


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