Monday, June 11, 2012

Just for The Heck of It ....

I jumped into the news agregators today for a taste of the MSM and right off the top found this pile of rancid poo from the Globe&Mail ... The call it "Signs of sanity..." .... I call it something very different. Because what we have here is A pair of twits .... 
writing for the Globe start with a false premis, build on that baseless assertion by piling on a load of conjecture and wrong headed analysis spiced with assertions founded in ignorance and climax with a stunning display of incomprehension. All as an excuse to build a case for blaming the Federal Government for the impending consequences of Torontonian stupidity.

To be clear ... those warning statements they refer to were in no way based on concern for what might happen to the speculation driven GTA condo market.  As much as these so called journalists would like to believe it .... nobody gives a shit. Although I am sure that like minded, self important Toronto Liberal twits will be blaming the Conservative FEDERAL government for their problems when the market does tank....

As for the G&M .... there will be NO bailout for you useless mendacious purveyors of poo.


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