Friday, July 06, 2012

Friday's Beer!

Say hello to .......

Urthel Saisonierre .... she's a sweet Belgian Blonde.... a very special top fermented pale ale.

From Hildegarde van Osteden of Flanders  ... but brewed in bulk at the Trappistes in Koningshoeven in the Netherlands.

With live yeast in the bottle this special treat  is full of surprises.

A lively froth tries to escape the bottle as soon as the top gets out of the way and the brew pours cloudy into the happy glass. A white stiff foam forms on top and a healthy sized bite produces strong hoppy flavours and floral aromas from malt, yeast and hop. A real treat for the senses.

The hops really come on strong with a mouthful of the brew and hit the palate almost like lemonaide.
The mouth feel is smooth and creamy .... the aftertaste fresh and clean.

Goes best when chilled to frosty bottle temperatures and makes an excellent hot weather thirst quencher. 330 ml and 6% abv .... means that a lot of those $3 cad bottles could disappear on a day like today (30 Celsius) ...



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