Monday, July 23, 2012

Mainstream Milking ....

.... The occurance of Tragic and Horrific events ...

The parasites and muckrakers of the maintream media have been rolling in it since last Friday when the news of psycho cartoon character wanna be James Holmes broke.

I was on vacation but .... thanks to satellite TV (NOT) ... had to endure the mindless repetition and distortion puked up by the likes of ABC TV for at least part of the weekend.

I caught the uninformed blather of Brian Ross on the ABC  program "Good Morning America" while unintentionally diverted from the coverage of the "Open". It took about 40 seconds for the turd to offer a manufactured link to the Tea Party ....

There’s a Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado, page on the Colorado Tea party site as well, talking about him joining the Tea Party last year. Now, we don’t know if this is the same Jim Holmes. But it’s Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado.

 Apparently ... this dyed in the wool conservative hating media liberal shitwit ... found the Colorado Tea Party website and searched for the name James Holmes ... found the name and proceeded to track down his family. On finding a woman in California who answered the telephone to a researcher he lied about what they found. The woman told a researcher ... who was asking if SHE was the mother of the Colorado Tea Party Member Holmes ... that SHE was the right person. No doubt proud of her boy Jim.

I'm surprised that the show host on ABC’s Good Morning America, anchor George Stephanolpoulos took this “report” from  Ross without question. But that's the way they ROLL at ABC....

Since that piece of disgraceful and slanderous bit of journalistic fraud, there has been an continuous stream of politicized media reports and spin using the heinous act as a pretext for shoving one bullshit agenda after another on the public.

The anti-gun activists, the anti-violence in movies freaks, the social engineering advocates (freaks and frauds) of all descriptions, feminists claiming it's about them and their agenda, gay rights "spokes people"claiming it's about THEM,  race baiting shit disturbers claiming the perp is "racist' and lastly the biggest phony in the USA ... Barack Obama ... chiming in with is own unasked for two bits worth of platitude.
Three days after the fact the same MSM continue to offer up a steady stream of sensationalised reports, rife with speculation and conjecture. Giving their pet list of "experts, analysts and commentors" still more platform from which to self promote and prevaricate. Add to that the useless bunch of celebrity pimps in the "entertainment news" attempting to spin the story in hopes of alleviating whatever supposed fears the public may have about going out to see the same movie. Can't have the Film Industry suffer eh?

What do ALL these people have in common? Not what you might think ... if you think it's because they are actually CONCERNED about what the Colorado Psycho did in that theater.

What they have in COMMON is the fact that they are all self centered, self important, misanthropic frauds without a shred of common sense or common decency who will use ANY excuse to promote themselves or their "causes" without any regard for people who are actually affected by this.

Forkem ALL!


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