Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Job Proposal ....

For Conrad Black

How about this?

The CBC is in desperate need of an attitude adjustment.
Whether through a top-down management shuffle or through a permanent defunding and forced privatisation. The Canadian Broadcast Corp. has long outlived its usefulness ... completely abandoned being relevant to Canadians outside of a few people who call themselves "Friends of Canadian Broadcasting" and in fact completely antagonistic to  more than half the population.

All the while sucking up out tax dollars to the tune of nearly $1.4 BILLION dollars every year.

What better way to accomplish a thorough realignment of the priorities at the Ceeb than to hire Conrad as the new CEO and President? Give him the task of taking the parasitic organisation off the public teet and set them to the business of either proving their worth or selling off the assets paid for by the Canadian public .... and returning out money.

I'd bet that Conrad would be up to the task.


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