Friday, August 24, 2012

"Ran Out of Constructive Things for Them to Do"

A comment on a blog:

It is indeed ironic that they were so wrong about not having enough food to feed an ever growing number of humans, but rather that we ran out of constructive things for all of them to do. So we get all these fat, pampered lemmings coming up with more and more insane ways to make themselves feel needed.

Some fellow calling himself TrueNorthist had that to say about the sad state of governance.
Particularly obvious in the California ... the state claim to fame seems to have become being at the forefront of decline and decay and hairbrained ideas.

It actually explains a lot about the current state of our western society. There just is not enough constructive things to do .... well at least for people who have no usefull skills. And this, is the fundamental fault with the academic world. Academics in and of themselves serve no useful purpose.

The successess of the last 100 years had nothing to do with academics or political philosophy but everything to do with the unrestrained opportunities to develop and exploit the worlds resources.
The development and exploitation of resources requires great investment in terms of human activity and provides opportunity for large numbers of people to be productive and have constructive things to do.

Ironically ... this societal success also provided a safe and secure environment for academics, politicians, bureaucrats and activists of all sorts.



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