Sunday, August 05, 2012

The Media Who Create and Sustain the Tone

Are Responsible for the deterioration ... and the lack of civility in civil discourse. Because it is the media who feed off the manufactured controversy.

They print and broadcast outrageous and offensive statements from all corners. They do so without regard for context or even comment on motivation for these political barbs or simply uninformed opinions or even outright lies. It is only when the tables are turned on their pet themes that bleat about "civility".

Well ... you know what? This exactly WHY there is ever less regard for so called credibility of the Mainstream Media. Even if people believe the messages being promoted by the media, only the most clueless and dense readers,listeners and viewers of the "news" are unaffected by the blatant manipulation that is being practiced.

And so it goes that ever more people avoid these media assaults on their consciousness and psyche. Because, even if a person is not conscious of the twisting and manipulation there is a natural reaction to being subjected to information that conflicts with reality. The natural self defense mechanism in most of us makes us want to avoid the stress created by this disconnection.

Of course these clowns in the media continue to react to the loss of audience by producing ever more of the same self serving garbage and doing so in ever increasing volume.

The MSM claim and perhaps even believe they hold the moral and intellectual high ground in public discourse. The facts are the exact opposite.


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