Saturday, November 17, 2012

Manufacturing Consent

Never mind that fact that the entire world is on the brink of a major economic recession! Liberals think that it is always a good idea to spend more tax dollars.

Another fine example of  "How Useful" the Mainstream Media are:

A private member's bill tabled in the House of Commons by Liberal MP Massimo Pacetti proposes a tax credit for air, bus or train fares on non-business trips that cross at least three provincial borders.

Of course ... backed up by a completely scientific poll by Decima ...

Some 70 per cent of respondents to a recent Canadian Press-Harris/Decima poll expressed support for the idea.

I wonder if ANY of the questions in the poll  asked something like, "Do you want to pay for other people's travel with YOUR tax dollars?" Or, how about "Do you think that the government should be  concerned with your vacation plans in any way shape or form?"

 Of course the Tourism Industry Association of Canada likes the idea.

"I think it's certainly well intentioned and I think we'd certainly like to see Canadians travelling in Canada as opposed to outside the country," said Kevin Desjardins, vice-president of strategy and public affairs for the Tourism Industry Association of Canada.

Altogether a fine example of the MSM -  colluding with Harris Decima Research to PUSH a Liberal Party policy in the public realm. This is the the sort of crap that Liberals, the Media and stupid people just lap up like hogs at the trough.

Note: I found this article being bounced around on both CP and AP newswires. Makes me think perhaps the Poll is being paid for by the Liberals and the newswires just playing along.

From AP

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