Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bureaucratic Mission Creep

Land locked prairie farmland, ditches, farm bridges and culverts. Fisheries and Oceans?

Under the most absurd and just plain false justifications, rural residents, agricultural operators and their municipal governments, are forced to involve the federal government agency ... the mandate of which is supposed to be restricted to commercial fisheries and coastal regions.

DFO Habitat ... Operational Statements

Something that is most insidious and invariably detrimental to the public good is the all too predictable over reaching of government agencies.

Typically under liberal governments the regulation of just about every aspect of life and human activity is given the green light. Often, directly encouraged by politicians eager to show how concerned they are for the welfare of various groups or species or the environment. Sadly, in the case of politicians, it is 99.99 percent of the time they are ignorant of most facts concerning the topic at hand and motivated more by the instinct for political survival in world so heavily influenced by even less informed and attention seeking populist media and agenda driven activists.

Consequences are not something that any of these types are actually concerned with. They being always convinced that whatever their intentions and regardless of whether honest or simply self serving, the outcomes must be something good or at worst something that can be ignored.

In this sort of perverted thinking ... If it appears to be a good idea then it MUST be ... the political types can almost always avoid being held accountable for the actual consequences of their meddling. It's just a fact of life.

In the case of bureaucrats and their insulated little world it is much more ominous and much more of a threat to the wellbeing of the public and the ability of us all to go about our own lives managing our own affairs as we see fit.

Bureaucrats and bureaucracies, once given a mandate to go about measuring, regulating and in general meddling in any area are almost NEVER told when to stop. And the politicians who sent them on their way to do what they will,  are NEVER interested in knowing how things actually turned out. At least until some of the public begin making trouble for them.

All this is all too often just the accepted state of affairs and too bad for the public who suffer from the incompetence and self serving motivation of the "powers that be".

And so it is that ministries such as the Department of Fisheries and Oceans in Canada are found to be expanding their own sphere of regulatory influence in some very strange areas.


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