Sunday, January 20, 2013

Politicians, Athletes and Blubbering Evangelical Frauds

Every time I witness the public exposure of someone who has lied and cheated their way to success I get the same feeling that I did when witnessing the televised meltdown of the lecher Swaggart or the embezzler Bakker or his wife Tammy.  Knowing that those creeps had been so transparent in their low class cons and often wondering just how people could be so stupid as to give money to the frauds I experienced a sense of vindication in their public confession and shaming. Justice!

Of course even the confessions they made were laced with the same maudlin and self serving dramatics ... they just can't help themselves, can they? But, the sight of the red faced Swaggart dripping snot, saliva and tears in his efforts to win sympathy from the gullible victims of his transgressions was truly entertaining in that it was just so pathetically fake. Likewise ... the tears and mucus of the fat faced Bakker and the mascarra and makeup mudslide from Tammy's balloon cheeks had me laughing till it hurt. Good times!

There have also been plenty of politicians fallen from public grace who have tried a similar path. The smart ones just say goodbye and thanks ... then gracefully disappear from the scene... until someone writes a book. The rest usually try to hang on to their sinecure for a while. Some just manage to hang on  no matter what ... indictments, convictions etc. don't seem to matter to some voters.

Of course we always have the example of Bill Clinton to remind us of how far a politician can go on nothing but chutzpa.

And so it goes that now the cycling champion Lance Armstrong has pursued the television confession route in some vain hope of sustaining his public image. Of course the venue he chose meant that there was no way in hell that I'd be watching, but there is some irony in having his confession heard by the high priestess of self help and fat bitch goddess of liberal ignorance and hypocrisy.

Damned shame though ... because in spite of the revelation that much of the accusations levelled against him over decades of competition ...Armstrong actually DID accomplish something by beating the crap out of the competition. Competition that is ... who were for the most part ...using the same performance enhancing medical technology that Armstrong was persecuted for. If there is any doubt about that you could just review the number of charges and convictions against all of the successful cylcing competitors since Armstrong retired. Suffice to say that most of this is the result of Armstrong NOT being there any longer.

In any case .... I'm not buying the efforts to salvage something of career or reputation .... Lance Armstrong is Dead to Me forevermore.

NOW ... I'm waiting for OBAMA's turn.


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