Sunday, March 24, 2013

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Stuff Black People Don't Like....    Stuff Black People Dont Like

In this post by SBPDL authored by the pseudonomic (pseudonymous?) Paul Kersey .... there is a lot of information about just who does what with firearms in America. No surprise that most crimes committed with firearms are committed by young black men on other young black men.  No surprise either that this occurs mostly in the urban shitholes where white people do not live ... because they don't have to.

White urban people mostly own guns to protect themselves from the people who are most likely to use them for committing crimes. (must make them racist eh?)

The upshot of all this seems to be that black people don't like white people to have guns and mostly support gun controls that will take away those legally owned firearms from the people least likely to use them for crimes.  (but that's NOT racist I suppose...)

The subject of his blog post is this article  from the WaPo............

Guns, Blacks, and Steel: The Washington Post Publishes the Truth About Black Gun Crime in America

Dan Keating, writing at The Washington Post, has published a powerful piece on gun deaths in America -- particularly by race (check here for a chart breaking down gun homicides by race in all 50 states). And the data shows white people primarily use guns for self-defense and fatal self-inflicted wounds (suicide), while black people use guns for criminal acts that lead to black-on-black gun violence/murder. [Gun deaths shaped by race in America, Washington Post, 3-22-13]:

After digging through all this I still don't feel better informed about what "Black People" don't like... but at least the story was entrtaining and informative in other ways.

BTW ... "Paul Kersey" is the name of the vigilanty character played to ridiculous extremes by Chuck Bronson.




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