Sunday, March 17, 2013

Climate Science on Sunday

The recent favorite pictogram used by global warming (climate change) alarmists is a graphic generated by some  scientists named Marcott, Shakun, Clark and Mix. What makes the hysterical doomsayers so happy about this work is that it appears to replicate the results of Mann etal in the prediction of global warming based on CO2 in our environment.

The Marcott "Trick" by McIntyre via Watts

The problem for all these so called scientists is that from the very beginning the predictions were based on a combination of wishful (for the paranoid fear mongering crowd) thinking, fabricated data and the wilful ignoring (and hiding) of data that was contrary to the desired model.

Because these newcomers chose to ignore the inconvenient facts around the Mann and friends fraud they opened themselves up to the same sort of examination.

Well .... it did not take long to discovers the flaw in their efforts.
Step One - Anything that looks like Mann etal is probably no better. If it walks and talks like a duck!

Step Two - Look for the manipulation used in the data. We already know that it took deliberate manipulation of the actual data used by the first bunch to get what they wanted, so it follows that any similar results came from the same sort of "work".

That's it! Two simple bits of critical thinking and a little analysis and our intrepid Doctor Stephen McIntyre spots the trick.

Instead of changing their data, Marcott  and company used different dates in their published paper than what was actually recorded.

Of course the news media that purports itself to be expert in the fields of science and research have not and likely will not bother to perform even the most rudimentary examination. I doubt if they will even mention the fact that Steve McIntyre actually did.

In related news, the "whistle blower" scientist who has been a thorn in the side of the political esablishment in California has been forced to sue his employer in self defense.
 Dr. James Enstrom  has been a vocal critic of the destructive policies initated by California politicians and regulators such as CARB . His employer, UCLA told Enstrom he was being terminated because his research failed to accord with the department’s “mission.”

The mission of UCLA apparently is NOT the discovery and publication of truth or facts.
Just another case of environmental activism at work.




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