Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lefty Tools Face Forced Diet

Loly Rico

Because Canada has cut off the fast track to the gravy train there are fewer "refugees" to justify the existance of immigration "consultants", lawyers and and lefty activists. A nice bonus this last year was the closing of the Syrian office, helping to reduce the total numbers by about 26% from the previous years.

One great benefit is the fact that this is going to help put a nail in the coffin of the fake refugee industry.  Fraudsters, con-artists and criminals who prey on those who might otherwise remain safely within the legal process of immigration. So, all in all we have reduced crime and fraud in an area that needs to be cleaned up and saved our country a whack of money in the process.

This is a WIN in my books.

I have news for you Loly... lower 'fugee numbers means the policy of making it tough on the frauds and criminals is the right policy. Any reduction in your activity is just proof of the part you and your ilk play in cheating Canadians of wealth and security. And, you had better believe that WE are sick and tired of your getting fat at our expense. Get used to the diet program.


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