Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hysterical Reaction to Fact

One thing you can be sure of is that when you make those who rely on the fantasy of political correctness to face any of the uncomfortable truths which they studiously avoid ... you are going to get some kind of reaction.

And So ... The Media Flits Freakout ....


Conservative economic historian and media star Niall Ferguson touched a raw nerve this week with the gay lobby. He was addressing a gabfest of millionaire investors in California when he made an unscripted remark. It ran something like this:
“Ferguson asked the audience how many children Keynes had. He explained that Keynes had none because he was a homosexual and was married to a ballerina, with whom he likely talked of ‘poetry’ rather than procreated.”

This is a fact...

The response was as immediate and impassioned as North Korea’s threats to turn its southern neighbour into “a sea of flames”.

Liberal media and intelligentsia spent the following week  revving up their indignation over forty odd words so inflammatory that just about every progressive putz with a computer just  HAD to throw in their two cents worth of outrage.

I actually don't know why Nial Ferguson felt the need to mention the personal idiosyncrasy of JM Keynes except that there is a point to be made about the priorities of self absorbed degenerates with malfunctioning DNA.

I guess that point stings just a little too much for the liking of certain media and academic types.


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