Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Just Like ALL the Rest

While Sun Media pretends to be a force for truth and fairness in reporting, at least as far as the Sun TV News Network is concerned ... it remains pretty clear that the media company is not one nit better than the rest of the MSM at providing anything but the same old false narrative.

Witness the headline concerning the Auditor General report this week:

Toronto Sun ...

Canadian Secrets Vulnerable....

Never mind the actual facts behind the AG's staged media presentation yesterday.

First of all the attention grabing comments were taylored for the headline addicted know nothings of the media ... and secondly ... the  underlying supposition that a AG report should include even information that was NOT asked for and NOT required to be reported until later in the year.

Thes two consideration ... deliberately unconsidered by the AG  and wilfully ... cluelessly ignored by your moral and intellectual betters of the press.

Except for the fact that an even greater outrage has been committed by the Auditor General in the preparation and staging of a report in a manner that is a baldfaced effort to justify expanding the mandate of another civil servant's sinecure.

I am all for the AGs office being thorough and unimpeded by politicians ... but this is in no way a matter of the bureuacrat being either stonewalled or interfered with.

It is nothing but a self serving attempt at self justification for more arbitrary power.


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