Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sweden Attempts to Defend Itself

The current and ongoing riots in Sweden and the refusal of police and politicians to act has begun a  movement of citizens who realize that they must defend themselves and their cities. Unfortunately ... and quite predictably ... they must also face the hostility and force of the very authorities who are supposed to protecting them.

Read the English language article from :  Realisten News

There were also rumours that armed immigrants wanted to find the vigilantes and kill them, all this while the vigilantes continue their search for rioting immigrants and Marxists. It is also confirmed that left wing extremists have joined cause with the immigrant gangs in their rioting. They see the race riotings, the burning of cars and the throwing rocks at police, ambulances and fire-fighters as a ”class war”. Even though the cars being set ablaze and the people injured by their violence are ordinary Swedish people and primarily working-class day labourers.

Still class warfare .... the working class attacked by the parasite class.
The social elites know that their enemy is the working man and earner of the middle class who has the capacity to stand against their excesses and thievery. So, they do nothing to discourage thugs and criminals from making life hell on them. Irony is that the arrogance of the politicians and their flunkies prevents them from realizing that they are salting the earth that sustains them.

This sort of moral inversion has already has already started to happen here in Canada as well. The refusal of police to arrest rioters in G-7 protests, in Occupy protests, in aboriginal occupations even in cases of hockey hooliganism are just some of the examples of our public servants refusing to do what they are paid to do while in turn abusing the power granted to them by taxpayer by turning on lawful citizens who demand what they are absolutely within their rights to demand.
We have clear examples in our own country and our own communities that politicians, bureaucrats and public servants will readily and criminally attack decent citizens rather than be forced to do what they are actually paid to do. In fact it seems to be the preferred choice when faced with making the decision of whether to enforce the law or silence criticism. All this occurs again and again with the nodding approval of social elites and the obscene cheerleading of the media.

The assault on  lawful citizens is simply more prolonged and blatant in Sweden today.

Know your enemies people.


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