Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Queens University ... Gets an Earfull

After announcing that they plan to honour climate alarmist and co-conspirator of the gang of global warming hucksters including Mann, Jones, Briffa and Hansen.

With rightful outrage:
Dr. Daniel R. Woolf, Principal & Vice-Chancellor, Queen’s University
Dear Principal Woolf,
I note in the Alumni Newsletter that the spring ceremonies will “honour renowned climate scientist Raymond Stuart Bradley” with an honorary DSc on June 12. The Queen’s News Centre reports that he is a “celebrated global warming whistleblower known for championing integrity in science“.
Is this the same Bradley who was involved in an exchange of emails with the chief rogue scientist, Phil Jones, of the Climategate scandal? The topic pertained to “hiding the decline” in global temperatures. This Bradley was also associated with the infamous Michael Mann “hockey stick”, which was used by the UN’s IPCC to promote the anthropogenic, global-warming hoax.
If he is the same Bradley, when did he blow the whistle?
I hope that the scientific reputation of the University is not being placed at risk.
Yours sincerely,
Thorpe W. Watson, PhD
Science ’61
Trail, BC

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