Friday, July 12, 2013

David Suzuki ... Hater of Humanity

The only thing that anyone needs to know about David Suzuki is that he does not speak for Canada or Canadians.

The underlying reasons for the ongoing public existence (if anyone really cares) of the attention seeking, pompous little twerp and the media attention he is awarded lies in a long ago recognition he was given as a genetics researcher.

To be clear, the work he did back in the 1960s was lauded mostly by media and promoted publicly by Canadian politicians in the all too familiar desperation of those inflicted with the all too common inferiority complex of our liberal establishment. As with many accomplishments occurring in Canada throughout the years of Liberal government, the merely competent work of one merely competent player was talked up and blown out of all proportion to its real world relevance.

Suzuki has been trading on this love  affair and the slobbering adoration of witless, clueless fools in the mainstream media ever since.

All of his crusading efforts have been tinged with the sanctimonious elitism that is the result of the overblown sense of importance and entitlement. The attention that has fed the ego and rotted away any connection to reality that may once have existed continues for some reason. Closer inspection reveals that, below the all too frequent assertions and pronouncements of his somehow holding a moral or intellectual high ground, lies the fundamental contempt for people and any ideas they hold contrary to his own self centered world view. He the elitist liberal demagog preaching his self derived morality and exposing his true nature at every turn.

The most recent example ... thanks Dave ... is his assertions to a French journalist that Canada is Full!
Of course what he means is that Canada has too many people who do things like build homes and drive cars and use energy and eat food.

David Suzuki, believes that he has the right to deny anyone and everyone the things that he enjoys. The fact that he enjoys all these things in undeserved proportion to most other Canadians seldom crosses the mind of his supporters and certainly never his own.

Undeserved ... the word that best describes every consideration that Suzuki has enjoyed since 1971 or so.


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