Saturday, October 05, 2013

Hysterical Parents and Out of Control School Officials

 School Officials

In Mesa AZ ... a local police officer went to pick his daughter from school. He was in uniform and wearing his gear and gun. How is this a problem?

Well if your neighbours are hysterical liberal freaks it becomes a problem. And if the school principal is a spineless kneejerk bureaucrat with an overblown sense of  self importance, it might just become a defining moment of moonbattery being allowed to exceed common sense. The principal decided to phone the officer at home and instruct him NOT to come to the school in uniform or with his weapon.

The officer involved took exception to the overreach of the school and let it be known publicly.

Not surprisingly ... once the matter became public the school tried to backtrack, claiming that they had no idea the phone call would be taken with offense.

And that my friends ... in a nutshell ... is the heart of the problem.

They never do have any idea or clue. And yet every day millions of people send their children, sheep like into the arms of fools just like this.


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