Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mission Creep .... Or .... The Self Important and Self Serving Bureaucrat

You might wonder just how a government agency that has ONE simple job to do ends up insinuating itself into nearly every part of your life. Or maybe you don't wonder.

However ....

Empires tend to be built on the backs of the little people, to benefit the big people, to the detriment of all people.  The mandate of the CSA is microscopic, its coordinative and secretarial, their actual responsibilities could be accomplished with 10 - 12 full time staff and about $6MM in annual budget.  Yet the CSA has over 1,600 full time staff and an annual budget of more than a quarter billion dollars.  The CSA has been relentlessly expanded beyond its original mandate by a series of self serving corporate cogs, what used to be called “company men,” enticed to CSA by the prospect of building their own petty fiefdoms within the protected confines of an unaccountable government entity.  And the result is clear to see.  The CSA has become a bloated, bumbling bureaucracy, a red tape empire of mandarins masquerading as contributors, abusing the people who pay for their princely positions.
So what is CSA supposed to be doing?  Well, the CSA was created to; 1) “coordinate the efforts of producers and others for the improvement and standardization of engineering materials,” and to;  2) “promote the general adoption of standards in connection with engineering structures” and related.  In other words, the CSA was coordinative or, in CSA’s terms, “administrative in nature.” 
Now however, the CSA regards itself as a “full solutions provider” rather than a secretary with a tiny mandate, the source of solutions “in areas as diverse as life itself.”  You caught that?  The CSA thinks that the breadth of their mandate is comparable to “life itself.”  The CSA is not afflicted with low self esteem.

The CSA needs to have it's knees knocked out and CEO Ash Sahi needs to find a job i the real world (although unlikely to succeed he would learn a few things  about humility and minding your own damned business).

Reminder ... YOU the CSA need to focus on checking those Chinese electrical outlets and other crap for safe operation and compliance with Canadian Safety Standards.

And don't get me started o the BS about wood burning stoves that have been in operation for 50 years but suddenly are deemed to be not safe.


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