Friday, December 27, 2013

Fear Loathing and Liberal Guilt

Without getting into a long winded rehash of all the reasons for its existence and what White Liberal Guilt is, let's just admit that it has been one of the factors in play getting American Liberals to vote the vile little man that is Barack Obama into the Presidential Office TWICE.

However, the damage has been done for now and it raises the question "What Next?" ...

Beyond the upcoming elections in 2014 we are still faced with with the the same problems of how liberal voters are motivated and who is doing the motivating.

#1 - FEAR

Fear of being accused of not being good enough or smart enough to understand what is "at stake". While "what is at stake" is never clearly defined, it is implicit that the only way keep really bad things from happening and to satisfy the expectations of your moral and intellectual superiors is to vote Democrat. Fear is a favorite thing of the media.


Loathing has two faces. First the outward looking loathing that can be directed at perceived enemies and second the inward looking form that is a toxic brew of self doubt, anxiety, fear (funny how that seems to keep coming up) and prejudice. If you are not good enough you can't be "one of us". How convenient! Just let your moral and intellectual superiors tell you what is wrong with you and then let them "Save" you from your self. What a beautiful scam. Self loathing is the favorite thing of the "progressive" left.


Liberal guilt, especially white liberal guilt is the result that progressives desire to instil in people who should rightly be afraid of the progressives. Once fear and self doubt has been successfully seeded in the minds of liberals the guilt can be used to cement the whole nasty mess together.

Fear, loathing and guilt are the three toxic parts that combine in a miasma that blocks reason and destroys the individual. They are weapons of the mind that destroy perception of reality and create a vacuum that will be filled with something. That something will not be reason or truth.

We know how the parts have been stirred and seasoned to bring about the acceptance of Barack Obama. How will they be remixed for Hillary Clinton?


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