Monday, January 20, 2014

Headlines as Propaganda

National Post: Harper Heckled

As if the most important part of this historic moment was the juvenile behaviour of a pair of Arabs in the Government of Israel!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper represented our Nation proudly and the National Post can only see fit to belittle the matter as if  their own entrenched bias (hatred) of Mr. Harper and all things conservative has been somehow validated through the despicable actions of traitorous anti semites.

This all too typical propagandizing by the NP and by media in general is nothing more than a blatant display of the unwarranted self importance and blind partisanship that rules these ignoramuses and moral and intellectual pipsqueaks.

What Mr. Harper did was to clearly and eloquently demonstrate the reality of the international rise of anti-semitism  and the mechanisms at work. He also demonstrated that Canadians ARE better than the weak minded losers who need to debase Israel as a means to justify their own goals.

What the National Post did was prove that they are cretinous and vile. Beyond contempt.


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