Friday, January 03, 2014

Why I Mocked the Idea of Turkey Joining the EU

Unravelling Islamist Proto-state

Way back when Dubya was still the POTUS ... the US was banking on and promoting this Clown named Erdogan to be the kind of leader that would serve US interests. Had things worked out (never going to happen) as the big foreheads in the State Department were predicting, then the Turks would have become a big US outpost and willing partner in their grand plans to establish missile defense systems that could be used to hem in Iran and piss off the Russians.

Of course nothing like this happened.

If you  wonder why ... just click that linky thing on the top line to see Spengler's assessment.

Or take my word for it and just accept the fact that all islamists run on bullshit and corruption.

Good thing for Turkey the military and the rest of the establishment have remained willing and able to shut the bastards down.




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