Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Triumph of Mediocrity

There used to be a USA that required strength of its  leaders because the people were strong and would not be governed by weaklings.

There now is a USA where, it seems that only the weak and the mediocre can be elected.

The cascade of recent events around the globe and especially in the sphere of Russian ambition is becoming a show case for the failure of the USA.

Simply observing the fiasco surrounding the Mediterranean and the Middle East should be enough to convince even a moderately engaged person that there is an utter inability and serious lack of will on the part of the current government to take a leadership role on the world stage.

In fact, what has happened since the ascension of the Democrats in Washington is the US has abdicated any useful influence anywhere in the world.

Domestic matters are no better managed but the GOP has every bit as much to answer for in its own failings.

A sad state of affairs.

Particularly, the civil breakdown of Ukraine under the malicious influence of Russia's de facto dictator Putin.

As the world is distracted by the politicized coup counting of the Olympic games in Sochi Russia, the hapless Ukraine is being picked apart by the bought and paid for stooge Viktor Yanukovych. The elected president hoped to buy political security by promising uninterrupted supply of natural gas to heat the homes  and power the lights across Ukraine. In the process he helped to bring the nation to near bankruptcy and under absolute indebtedness to Putin. Putin has already started turning the screws by forcing his puppet to reject an overture of economic ties to the EU.

Now the people of Ukraine and the political opposition in what just months ago might have been seen as a healthy but troubled democracy are being shot in the streets of the capitol city Kiev. There is a growing chance that they will also soon see troops and probably tanks on the streets in what is looking more and more like a replay of Poland or Hungary or Czechoslovakia.

And, just like in those episodes of Russian thuggery in the last century, we can expect the rest of the world to do nothing. Just watch as the POTUS hands  this off to Putin and tries to wash his hands.

Putin is playing to win and knows how to get it done while Obama is either playing to loose or trying to walk away without a clue as to what it all means.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said. I fear for those innocents in Ukraine that just want a better life for themselves.
And PEACE in the country.

2/21/2014 11:02 a.m.  
Blogger Andrea said...

"There now is a USA where, it seems that only the weak and the mediocre can be elected."

If I may - rethink what you wrote using the word "evil." BHO is neither weak nor mediocre - he is very good at his job and has nearly accomplished what he sat out to do - fundamentally change America and by extention......

Way too many in our other branches, most who have been there for many too many years, are the weak, mediocre and easily bribed or brow beaten by those more powerful.

The ultimate responsibility for how we manifested such a governing body "is" the responsibility of the people. Half of us are weak for government to take care of us - the other half were occupied elsewhere. Were, please see my use of the past tense.

Pray that we are able to reverse the damage done, or, as I told a good friend in Edmonton, get those walls you've always talked about built - and do it very soon.

3/12/2014 4:51 a.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

Events in Ukraine have evolved and deteriorated since I wrote this post.

My comments vis a vis mediocrity and incompetence seem to have played out.

Remember ... that this turn is result of more than just the current POTUS. Even though his own single minded efforts to undermine the strength of American are part, there are other branches of government at fault because they are weak and incompetent and thus abetting.

And yes ... it does fall to the PEOPLE to correct this.

3/19/2014 12:47 p.m.  

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