Sunday, August 31, 2014

Labour Day ?

While the historical origins of the Labour Holiday in Canada has some significance and validity in the evolution of labour vs business relations ... the reality is that there are damned few who could tell you what those significant facts are.

In 1872 the Toronto Typographical Union's members went to the streets to protest for reduced working hours (58  hour week) and the Toronto Trades Assembly called on 27 other unions to go on strike in support of the typesetters.

The whole thing got messy  because Canada had laws restricting certain labour/union activities and the Toronto Globe Newspaper had an editor George Brown who was a past Premier of Canada West and founding father of Confederation had those laws enforced and about 30 organisers were arrested.

As a result in the following year the Liberal PM John A. MacDonald rammed the Trade Union Act through parliament and the slippery slope of escalating union demands and socialist government responses was entered with the predictable results which we are forced to suffer under to this day.

Our Happy Socialist Paradise!

Accomplishments of the working man indeed!


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