Friday, August 08, 2014

Parasites and Productive People


A so called "complaint" about underage workers was filed against a Saskatchewan farm family and their business.

They are now under investigation by bureaucrats for violations of health and safety and labour practices.

This is a perfect example of how useless people in government jobs are incapable of having or using common sense. It also demonstrates the need for DEEP cuts to public payrolls and radical simplification or outright elimination of the empowering regulations that these parasites thrive on.

The owners of a farm in east-central Saskatchewan say they're shocked they are being investigated by the province after it received a complaint about minors working in the family's processing business.
"I was flabbergasted," Janeen Covlin said about the investigation by the Occupational Health and Safety Division (OHS). "Our whole farm vision was to include our kids."

UPDATE: Common Sense Breaks out in Regina 
Kids get "OK" from Sask Labour Minister
Now let's get the facts about who made the "Complaint" .... and what the bureaucrats were up to!



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