Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Memories of tragedies as fresh as the white roses laid on Montreal monuments!

How Evocative! How poetic! Oh The Tragedy!
Are you tearing up yet?
Don't worry there's more from CP covering the Annual Rites of Breast Beating and Celebratory shedding of tears in Montreal!

And NO shortage of hysterical fools trying to smear the Harper Government as holding some kind of responsibility for either one of these incidents.

Just in case you forgot the Ecole Polytechnique rampage was carried out by a loner and loser misfit who was looking to get 15 minutes of fame on the way out of this life...The Dawson college murders....same thing!

In neither case was there anything that any law could do to prevent the events from unfolding.
Only the man haters and nurse nanny's of the feminist movement threw on their magical shrouds of Victimhood. This made any preposterous assertion that they made to be unquestioningly accepted by the mavens of public opinion (MSM). Of course the politicians who so desired a reason to look like they were doing something good about something Bad got right on it!

Next thing we have thousands of law abiding Canadian Citizens daemonized as gun toting savages who are all just waiting for an excuse, any excuse to go on a similar rampage.

A couple of Billion$ of Canadians hard earned dough and a lot of improperly confiscated (stolen) private property combined with the criminalization of thousands of law abiding citizens and where are we?

Well just repeating the same old story yet again!

The Anti-Gun Harpies and the Women Are Victims and it's all because of Men bunch are rallying around yet another incident making claims that fly in the face of all logic.
And the MSM is right there acting as cheerleaders for them.

Link from the Title or the Link below to the story in today's CP reports!


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