Monday, January 29, 2007

To Hell In A Handbasket

Something to think about this week......
Why is Britain going down the toilet so fast?

The answer is simple ........ Left wing multi-culturalist Idiots and the enforcement of Political Correctness as a cultural value!

Read the latest at Gates Of Vienna where the Brit's surrender monkey traitors are well documented and challenged.
Use the link or the Title !

Quoth They: In response to London Mayor Ken Livingston who in my opinion makes Jack Layton look like a stand up guy!

....“The problem is not so much a clash of civilizations,” he said, “but a clash between civilization and barbarism… The ‘clash of civilizations’ idea fails; it does not fit the facts; it is not a good way to understand the world.” He went on to detail the dangers of the largest and most violent barbarism of all, radical Islam. He singled out Britain, and in particular London, as the world’s principal haven for Islamic terrorists.....


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