Wednesday, January 03, 2007

When You Find Yourself Up To Your Armpits In Idiocy

The People's Cube - Goes One Step Farther!

Non to 2007! Declare A Moratorium On The Future!

Trois acclamations to the French!

How come we didn't think of this first? This grande idée has all necessary elements of a progressive protest. The BBC and UPI report on a New Year's demonstration in the French city of Nantes, where the protesters waved banners reading: "No to 2007" and "Now is better!" The marchers called on world leaders and the United Nations to intervene in the "mad race" of time and declare a moratorium on the future. With the arrival of 2007, as the protester's demands remained unmet, they realigned their efforts against a new target, chanting "No to 2008!" They also vowed to stage a similar protest on Dec. 31, 2007 in Paris.

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