Friday, February 16, 2007

Because It's Friday!

I'm in the mood for something GOLDEN!

So off to the beer store...........

........AND I'm Back! hehehe! With something from Winnipeg's own Half Pints Brewing Company called "little scrapper ipa" and it's described as a 'Strong" beer labeled at 6%. see it at :

BIG bottle @ 660 ml it stands about 11" tall and needs a big glass for pouring effectively and I've got it chilled to 40f .

So let's go in................ The cap pops without any fanfare and the first whiff is............
Well! lets just say interesting. There's a strong aroma of caramel and toasted malt with some of those floral - hoppy overtones like the Belgian Goldens! It pours smooth with a nice creamy head, lots of effervescence in a really nice golden hue! Everything so far is A-OK!
And it's tribute day to Darcey at DMB!

Tipping the glass is a bit puzzling as the brew slides over the pallet .... it's got a sort of burnt suga flavour that isn't unpleasant but still less satisfying than the nose first hinted!
It reminds me a bit of Smithwick's but the flavour does mellow on the back end and leaves me feeling like another!
The head on the glass is gone already and that seems to be all the excitement over.
I'd rate it as being worth a try and maybe a second ! At $4 and change a bottle though I was hoping for more to write about!



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