Friday, March 30, 2007

Half Pints Brewing Company of Winnipeg

Spring is the time of renewal for nature and spring beers specially brewed should be all about the joy and the pleasures of nature. Bock beers are all of that and have been for hundreds of years! This one is a FINE example of that tradition.....

Purchased in Another BIG 660ml bottle from our local adventurers in brewing "Weizenbock" is called a strong beer by the brewers! It's 6.2 abv and that's just what we do here in Canada.

But oh my! The boys from Keewatin St. have got something here.....
She pours cloudy and deep amber and gives you a good head of creamy froth that settles and disappears after a few minutes. But do not worry friends because there will be more.

This sultry vixen is an unfiltered - unpasteurized - unadulterated bit of heaven in the glass.

The nose is all about the scent of spring ( as a true bockbeer should be) with hop flowers and citrus overtones mingling with the musty sweet sugar of well warmed malts.

She promises much........... Oh yes she does!

She delivers smooth and slightly sweet sensations that make her irresistible.
Sweet on the lips and smoothly over the tongue to finish in a mouthwatering sensation that demands more. And more she delivers as the lucky soul who chooses to embrace this dusky beauty goes back again and yet again to drink from the fountain of life. To once more experience the renewal and blossoming pleasure that is spring!

Hollywood stars: Piper Perabo

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Anonymous Fergy said...

I always enjoyed Bocks in the spring. Damn near a meal on their own ;)

3/30/2007 1:42 p.m.  

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