Friday, March 23, 2007

Piraat Beer !

Well this is another sampling from the folks who brought us the Heavenly Gulden Draak!

The brewery Van Steenberge makes some of the most interesting brews I've ever seen and here's a sample of what they say about their own pirate's quaff:

"A strong beer like the Piraat has been brewed for a thousand years to be taken out
to sea. The Vikings in particular were well acquainted with this type of potent beer.
Piraat has a high nutritional value, keeps well for years and strengthens the body
and morale of pirates and other seafarers. It is a healthy energy booster."

Piraat is a live in the bottle beer that keeps it's balance and may improve with age.
It's in a 330 ml bottle and boasts 10.5% ABV.
In an auspicious start The bottle chilled to 40f opens with a satisfying pop and releases a nice little hssst of spicy vapor!
Following up with a smooth pour into the large mouth pilsener glass the creamy blonde head forms aggressively over a beautifully golden body..... one sweet treat so far eh!
As things settle down a bit the head settles into place over the steady effervescence coming from below and it's time to take stock of the other senses. Beginning with the nose it's all good and getting better! That unique Belgian floral scent of hops that no other beers seem to get.....strong hints of spices and a symphony of unidentifiable perfumes that lie just under the surface!

Up she goes and over the palate now ........... Oh! My! yes indeed ..... the pleasure goes on!

Sweet tropical fruits and mysterious spices mingled with nuts and berries combine in a silky smooth rush of pleasure over the tongue. It's all good and clean and wonderfully alive!

This beer is too damned good for louts and thugs! This is beer for hero's says I!!

Argh and Avast ye lubbers !


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