Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wednesday's Child !

It ain't me babe! But James at Slurpees and Murder has his share of woe!

In any case ....... Wednesday is HUMP day and while I'm sure I could provide a big list of humps to slag around ..... let's just look at it as getting over the hump! Since I made a significant progress in my efforts to turn the world green through opportunity and innovative technology I'm going to cheer just a little bit! YeeHaa.....

Here's to getting things done baby! I wonder what Bessy May or David Suzuki or Stephane Dion or Gary Doer accomplished today?? What a bunch of Posures! While you all are prancing around talking about doing something there are thousands of hard working entrepreneurs like the people I work with who are building real solutions and finding ways around the roadblocks put up by people like Doer etal to make it happen! And make it happen we are!

Today I win and so do people who REALLY care about environmentally sustainable development!

Cheers Baby


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