Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Night and Another New Beer!

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oday we're takin' a trip mon! To the Island of Jamaica from where they they make this beverage called Dragon Stout!

Dragon is a product of the same folks who make the uber popular Red Stripe lager.
This dark beer comes in a small bottle at 300 ml and a powerful ABV of 7.5%.

There's a scent of metal in the air when you first pour the beast and that's usually an indication that all will not be well as you become more intimate! ( Just ask Darcey at Dust My Broom!)
In any case once opened and poured we have our duty to finish the job so onward now.

There are plenty of good things in behind that first warning shot of metal:
  • The colour is dark with red mahogany that pleases the eye.
  • The head foams up nicely in a caramel coloured froth that too quickly disappears.
  • There are lots of burnt sugar and bake shop aromas in the background that give a clue to the underlying nature of this brew!
  • The flavour is rich and sweet and a bit smoky to my palate but the feel is oddly thin for such well flavoured beverage.
  • The after taste is a let down though with a metalic hangover that leaves the mouth feeling coated and dry.
Too bad! There is promise here but something in the process has tainted the beer.

I'd like to try the Dragon on tap in a local down in Jamaica just to see what it's like in it's purest form ...... but the bottle they imported here is to be avoided.
That metalic overtone may not offed everyone but my experience is that beers with that characteristic will give you a really bad hangover and sore belly if indulged!

Oh well ..... head on over to to see what Darcey's gettin' into this week and indulge yourself in his usually fine selection of Blues!
Just for the heck of it I tried THIS to clear out the aftertaste of that last one!!

Till Next Week ...... Cheers!

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