Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday Night and a New Beer!

Young's "Luxury Double Chocolate Stout" !!

Youngs Double Chocolate Stout
"Silky Rich and Creamy Smooth" They say.......

Indeed! What an outstanding beer this is!

When you pop the top you get a hint of mist rising out of the bottle that carries with it a hefty scent of delicious things from the bake shop.

There's toasty bread and roasted nuts along with chocolate cake and coffee aromas before you even pour into a glass!

It pours smooth and thick with a strong head of dark coffee coloured froth that settles back down into the glass. Once settled the brew is DARK DARK DARK and lifting the glass for a deeper whiff gets plenty of results. There's molasses and malt in abundance so much that any hops are buried. And of course the chocolate. It's real chocolate in the mix and it make for a powerful and pleasant experience.

This dark beauty is just begging to be enjoyed! Over the lips and the tongue the creamy smoothness leaves all kinds of good sensations. It's not sweet but everything about it reminds you of a rich chocolate creme! It's like some mocha coffee delight without sugar. And it passes with pleasant aftertaste and finishes clean.
She begs to be treated with abandon and consumed with lusty joy! I comply!


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"I feel fear and with my gut pre-clenched I throw down a mouthful and vomit almost immediately and my eyes fill with tears because of the spasmodic dry heaves interspersed with prayers of please Allah, get this shit out of my body."


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Blogger Thunderstick said...

After reading about "double chocolate" I ran out to our "Signature" liquor store and got 4 bottles. Surprised the heck outta me when the wife said she liked it! Wasn't to sure with the first couple of sips but said it grew on her. She usually doesn't like beer, at all!
Good call!
I like it too.

6/11/2007 12:38 a.m.  

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