Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday's New Beer!

It's Friday all right and although it's only morning still ..... I assure you that I really didn't have this beer for breakfast! Gotta Run now so enjoy!
Now don't forget to check out to see what Darcey's drinking and catch some blues tunes!

Another Canadian product! This time from the south east area of
The Mill Street Brewery Offers us Coffee Porter !

From the moment you pop the cap off this interesting brown bottle you get a sense that it's really all about the coffee!
Which is ok! because there's something to enjoy here if you happen to be a coffee lover as well as a beer - O - phile ........

As soon as I flipped the lid there was a dramatic aroma like when you first open a vacuum pack of ground Colombian! Not a bad way to begin.
The beer pours out very dark produces a head of brown creamy foam that goes only about an inch and then settles right out leaving only a trace.

A good deep whiff off the glass produces burnt sugar and spice that is overwhelmed at first by the coffee. Really quite nice!
After a few minutes to settle down the balance is more even and really begs you to take a draught ....... and so .....

The first taste is a little underwhelming after the powerful aromas. There's obvious coffee flavour and little of the malt or hops I would have liked to taste. It has a hint of that dusty taste like when a coffee is not brewed long enough or hot enough. Not totally unpleasant ..... and this is beer not coffee. Let's just say a less than perfect marriage that works well enough to keep friends from avoiding the family. The beer is what it is and the coffee is too! They get along, provide some fun for the company and friends and nobody goes home with a bad taste in their mouth!

It does finish cleanly enough and the caffeine seems to be there for a noticeable hit.
In all consideration I'd say it's worth a try and I'll give it another for sure!

Now if they could only build some more malt and hop into the mix there'd be a real reason to have a beer with Sunday Brunch!


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