Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I Thought They Were ALL Palestinians!

Updates: Israel's Military is allowing humanitarian cases through!
How about that? These people do everything they can to undermine the security of Israelis and do nothing but harm. Then the Israelis take care of their sick! Shouldn't that be HAMAS's job?

I've been expecting this ...............

The Headline : 600 *Gazans* trying to flee to the West Bank held up at Israeli border crossing

The story:

"" GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) - Hundreds of terrified Gazans fleeing Hamas rule were trapped at a main crossing with Israel on Tuesday, hoping to gain permission to pass through Israeli territory to sanctuary in the West Bank.

Saying they fearing death or persecution, the Gazans flocked to the Erez passage after Hamas wrested control of the coastal strip from Fatah security forces in an armed struggle last week.

Israel, which has no interest in letting masses of Gazans pass through its territory and possibly destabilize the quieter West Bank, has refused to let most of them in, saying their lives are not in danger.

By Tuesday, about 600 people were holed up in the long, concrete tunnel that leads to the Israeli side of the crossing. Around 100 people belonged to Fatah security forces, but the rest were civilians, seeking a better life in the West Bank......... ""

SO .....

Not only are they NOT all Palestinians anymore ( as if they ever were!) It's suddenly become time to "Seek a better life" over in the West Bank!
Gee I wonder what happened. Wasn't the West Bank There before the Hamas Thugs took over Gaza once and for all? Weren't things shitty enough already? Or maybe it's just because these are the dregs of the Fatah supporting clans and their time is up! These are the guys who've been launching rockets and mortars into Israel for 20 years. These are the people who've been strapping bombs to their family members and sending them off to Kill Jews. These are the folks who think it's just fine to take potshots at anyone they feel like for any reason.

Should Israel help them?

Based on past experience I'd say not!


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Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

hiya friend..help them!..hell no..Israel should wipe them all out actually!..before they themselves get driven into the Med. SEA!

6/19/2007 1:49 p.m.  

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