Friday, June 29, 2007

Just Because It's Friday!

Meet Sam!

Just because it's summer!

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Blogger Vleeptron Dude said...

hey hey you found my Canadian flag swimsuit babe, thanks for dropping by my blog VleeptronZ!

You're in Winnipeg -- the Banana Belt. This healthy young woman looks a bit more north -- maybe Churchill.

In any case, she reflects all that I love about Canada -- and more!

Happy upcoming Rebel Picnic!

6/29/2007 10:53 p.m.  
Blogger Vleeptron Dude said...

oh, very obscure trivia -- but it should mean more to a Canadian than to one of us rebel Yanks ...

He wasn't Sir Bertrand Russell. (Though he had an Order of Merit, it doesn't entitle you to a "Sir.")

After the death of his older brother, Russell became the hereditary peer the 3rd Earl Russell, and served, ermine robes and all, in the House of Lords, until his death in 1970, so I guess you'd address him after his elevation as Lord Russell.

6/29/2007 11:05 p.m.  
Blogger PGP said...

Thanks for the info Vleeptron !

I've made a change to my Header to reflect that!
I was introduced to Russell at a young age when assigned the task of researching and writing about a philosopher and his work. I hit on him because there is a remote family relationship and the fact that he was still alive helped.

It's his logic that I like and the quote impressed my sense of things in this world!

But that's where my kinship with Bert ends!
He was a devout socialist and peace activist. Very appealing to impressionable folks. Probably responsible for a good deal of modern Anti-Americanism too .....

But I enjoy a good bit of irony!

7/02/2007 12:58 p.m.  

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