Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday's Beer - Duvel ( Or Just a Fallen Angel)

Thrice Fermented!

It starts with a little hiss and a nice pop of the top. This Belgian called Duvel ( Devil) is full of pleasant surprises and no evil that I can sense! ( unless 8.1 ABV is a BAD thing!)

Chilled to 40 degrees f - She pours with spirit into the glass producing a lively head of pure snow white froth that stays around for the taste test and eventually subsides into a few billowy puffs just to decorate like icing on a golden cake. The body is a lovely pale gold with beautiful bubbly life that stays till the end.
The nose is full of those wonderful Belgian hops that give off the scent of summer gardens and shades of fruit and fresh straw.
The sensation on the tongue is effervescent and clean. The taste bearing some sweet malt and all those good summery herbal undertones. There is a lingering taste like the sensation you might get after inhaling a large dose of perfume from the belly of a beautiful girl. It's all summer flowers and light musk that makes you want to go back again!

And so the glass is soon empty! Begging for another taste of this rather angelic brew.

* Look for Comment at 05:33
* Why drink Duvel?

* Devil? OR * Angel?

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